New website and incoming Spring 2016 items!

February marks the start of big things for Jade Mackenzie Apparel. As a clothing company, it's no surprise that while many of our customers are still battling it out with winter weather, we are gearing up for spring. But for us, there's been a little more work to do than that. We have taken on a new space to facilitate the growth we experienced last year. No, we haven't changed premisice but our lease area has expanded three fold. So with that, we are still in 'move in' mode, with attempts to decide how to best utilize our new space and where to hang stuff.

The biggest change still, is the launch of a new website. Technology that works well is quite an asset, but when it doesn't it's a formidable foe. We have worked through many challenges on our previous platform, but it was time to move on.

We are excited about new items that have arrived and those arriving mid-March. We've take a new approach to our product photography. With got great feedback and assistance from the very talented photographer Danny Nguyen we feel pleased with the new look so far.

Jade Mackenzie photo shoot at a studio in downtown Houston

Our new site goes live with some of our spring items, we can't wait for you to add them to your closet!

Thanks for reading our first blog post. We look forward to your feedback!

February 15, 2016 by Lisa Blenman



Amber said:

Hi, just wondering if any of your out of stock denim skirts will come back into stock. Would love to purchase a few of them but my sz 8 is out on almost all ? Plz let me know. Love your denim skirts!!

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