2017 Pre-order Status and finalization

As shipments have started to arrive this week, we are working hard to ship out preorders as fast as we can. We do have over 2000 orders to get out and we want to make sure they are packaged and shipped accurately. If we cannot fill your order for any reason, an automatic credit and email will sent to you. The shipping process is going to take a little longer than planned due to the amount of orders but our team is working hard on getting these out as we understand the wait has been extremely long. 

Shipping confirmations or credit notifications will be emailed out once your order has been taken care of. Please note this applies to ALL preorders from 2017 and is the last update for these items.

Please allow us to continue shipping as we are all hands on deck diligently working to get these out to you. We currently have limited opportunity to respond to emails. We will contact you if there is any specific update to your order.

Thank you all so much for your patience in this process and we look forward to serving you in the coming future.

Lisa Blenman


February 07, 2018 by Lisa Blenman