Pre-Order/ Back-Order Status Update

This page is to help us limit the large amount of emails and be able to focus on shipping out all these items as they are arriving in a timely and quick manner.

Please locate your Pre-Order item(s) in the following list. The letter associated with your item is the up to date status information at this time.

*Note this is the same information that will be given if you email customer care. We will keep this page up to date real time* 

A: Preparing to ship: Meaning the item(s) are either in route to us from our factory or in our warehouse and preparing to ship. You may get a shipping label as the order is preparing to ship. It may not always update right away as they prepare labels first so please just keep checking your tracking for movement.

B: Estimated arrival date postponed: The estimated arrival date for the product(s) had been delayed from our factory. Once a new date is given we will update.We don't expect it to be much longer

C: Item cancelled and refunds/credits will be given. Customer will be notified first.

D: Back order item and will be shipping out shortly

Pre-order Items

Tiffany & Brittany Overalls (all remaining orders) A

Girls Overalls (both mustard and denim) A

Elastic waist denim (all colors ) A

Premium Knit Skirts (all colors ) B

Color Denim & Kara Skirts (all colors) B

Premium Denim ( Addi, Emma, Layla, Kara & Jayla ) B

Hoodie Dresses (ladies & girls) A

Layering Tees ( all colors) B

Girls Denim & Ladies Long Denim ( all orders ) C