Pre-Order/Back-order Status Update

Please see status updates on all preorder items. If an item is marked as " Arrived" that means it is now in our facility and is shipping out. If an item is marked " In Transit" that means it is in route to our warehouse and upon arrival we will update the status. Items are arriving weekly so we don't anticipate the arrival of the in transit items to be much longer. If an item you ordered is not on this list and has not been cancelled it's in our warehouse preparing to ship. Our standard shipping time for in stock items right now is 2 weeks.

Please note if you email this is the same information that will be given. We do not have exact dates on the in transit stuff as it varies depending on the carrier which is DHL. 

Pre-order/Back-order Items:

1. Tiffany & Brittany overalls-In Transit

2. Addi & Emma Denim Skirts- Arrived (Shipping to customers)

3. Lana Girls Denim-In Transit

4. Tori Tunic & Riley Skirts- In Transit

5. Premium Knit Skirts- In Transit

6. Elana Black & Emerald Denim- Arrived ( Shipping to customers)

7. Elana Color Denim- In Transit

8. Black & White Layering Tees- In Transit

9. Perla & Rena-In Transit

We hope this page helps and we will make sure to keep it updated.

Thank you for your order and we look forward to you receiving your items!